Wigmore Hall

Culture Consultants have undertaken a series of engagements with Wigmore Hall over recent years. These include:

2019 Members’ and Supporters’ review considering Friends and higher-level giving Circles: content, pricing, positioning, resourcing, benchmarking and KPIs measurement, alongside a risk analysis of proposed developments.

2021: review of the donor landscape mid-pandemic. This examined success factors and opportunities of the Hall’s outstanding fundraising campaign in support of its digital transformation. We analysed over 15,000 donations to understand donors per channel, location, broadcast, value, frequency and recency. Also under review were communications programmes for donors and supporters including scheduling, channels, resourcing, win-back campaigns and the purpose of each contact. The introduction of new high-level donor schemes and the potential for a digital scheme were also reviewed.

2022: review of the Hall’s successful under-35 ticket scheme which explored success factors, opportunities, new product development options, pricing, audience research and benchmarking.

CCL continues to enjoy a close relationship with the Hall and is delighted to remain in frequent contact with its senior executives.

Marie-Hélène Osterweil, Director of Development, said: “Martin has given us invaluable support over the years, providing guidance, evidence and the tools needed to finalise strategies for growing and stewarding our membership schemes and appeals. I highly recommend Martin – he is a pleasure to work with.”

The Borodin Quartet; Copyright – Simon Jay Price

The Borodin Quartet; Copyright – Simon Jay Price